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G Medical Innovations Holdings Ltd. Scheduled to Launch Covid-19 Testing Centers in California as Part of New Direct-to-Consumer Initiative

G Medical Innovations Holdings Ltd. (NASDAQ:GMVD) (the “Company“), a telehealth, medical device, and remote patient monitoring company providing clinical-grade solutions for consumers, medical professionals, and healthcare institutions, today announced plans to open as many as 25 Covid-19 testing centers in California in Q1, 2022.
Known for its groundbreaking technology, remote patient monitoring devices and services utilized by hospitals and cardiologists across the country, GMedical’s innovative Prizma monitoring device will be offered direct-to-consumer for the first time at these testing locations, as part of an aggressive company direct-to-consumer strategy.

Prizma is a user-friendly cell phone-sized device that can help monitor user’s vital signs, providing to-the-minute readings for ECG, temperature, oxygen saturation, heart rate, stress levels and blood pressure, help track body weight and glucose levels. Data is presented directly to the user and the designated care provider.

G Medical’s remote patient monitoring center can alert users to readings that may be a cause for concern.

Prizma can also be prescribed by physicians to patients with cardiac or respiratory disease, diabetes and other health issues.

With the explosive growth in demand for Covid testing across the country, G Medical expects its new California locations to boost Prizma sales.

“By offering Prizma at our Covid19 testing sites we are empowering consumers to measure and monitor their vital signs post testing, in the comfort of their own home,” said G Medical CEO Dr. Yacov Geva. “This unique opportunity to introduce our Prizma device to customers face-to-face at the point of sale is an important step forward in our company’s direct-to-consumer initiative.”

Prominent Santa Monica physician Dr. Rand McClain agrees. “G Medical’s Prizma vital sign monitoring device can provide ‘next level’ of care, by empowering patients to measure and record their vital signs daily.”

Telehealth services and the use of remote patient monitoring more than doubled from 2018 to 2020, and that growth continues, according to a recent report by the American Medical Association (AMA). Within this industry, G Medical Innovations is well positioned as a next-generation mobile health (mHealth) and e-health company that develops and markets its clinical and consumer medical-grade health monitoring solutions, and offers end-to-end support for e-health projects. With extensive experience in the field of digital health and project management, GMedical Innovations is committed to raising the global level of healthcare by empowering caregivers and patients to better monitor, manage and improve clinical and personal health outcomes.