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Sera Prognostics Announces the Appointment Of Sandra A.J. Lawrence To The Sera Prognostics Board

Highly respected healthcare and financial leader joins Sera in its quest to improve pregnancy outcomes of mothers and babies

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Sandra A. J. Lawrence has joined the Sera Board of Directors. The news was announced today.

“We are very excited to have Sandra Lawrence join the Sera board,” said Gregory C. Critchfield, CEO and Chairman of Sera Prognostics. “Sandra brings to Sera her broad and profound leadership experience having served on multiple public and private boards across a wide array of respected organizations. As an operating officer in C-level executive and financial capacities, she also has relevant first-hand knowledge and perspectives on the challenges and burdens of managing adverse pregnancy outcomes in her service in a major comprehensive pediatric medical center. We are thrilled to have Sandra help us make a meaningful and long-lasting difference in the well-being of all mothers and newborns and help guide the company as we work toward long term durable revenue growth.”

Ms. Lawrence has served as trustee of the Delaware Funds by Macquarie, as a director of its New York and Australian Stock Exchange-Listed close-end funds, DEW/VCF/DDF/VMM/VFL/IVH, and on its Audit and Investments Committees since 2021. She has served as a trustee of its legacy Ivy and Waddell and Reed Mutual Funds Complex Trust, and on its Governance Committee, since 2019. Ms. Lawrence was the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Children’s Mercy Hospital, a comprehensive pediatric medical center in Kansas City, Missouri, from 2005 to 2016 and the Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer of Children’s Mercy Hospital from 2016 to February 2019. She was Senior Vice President and Treasurer of Midwest Research Institute, an independent, non-profit, contract research organization, located in Kansas City, Missouri, and subsequently its Chief Financial Officer. Ms. Lawrence spent twenty-six years in professional or management positions in the architecture, real estate, investment banking, financial services, packaging, and medical research industries. Ms. Lawrence also serves as a member of the board of directors of Evergy, Inc., a publicly traded company that provides clean, safe and reliable energy to 1.6 million customers in Kansas and Missouri, where she serves as chair of the Nominating, Governance, and Corporate Responsibility Committee, and as a member of the Compensation and Leadership Development Committee.

Ms. Lawrence serves on the board of directors of American Shared Hospital Services, a publicly traded company that provides radiosurgical and radiation therapy equipment and services, based in San Francisco, California, where she serves as chair of the Audit Committee and as a member of the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee. Additionally, she serves on the board, as chair of the Risk Oversight Committee, and on the Governance, Compliance, and Talent and Compensation Committees, of Recology, a large, private, Employee Stock Ownership Plan company that provides collection and disposal of municipal solid waste, recycling, and organic/compost to commercial and residential customers in California, Oregon, and Washington.

Ms. Lawrence has been the chair of the board of directors of the Heartland Chapter of the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD), was named one of its Directorship 100, and an NACD board leadership fellow. She serves on the boards of directors of various charitable, non-profit and civic organizations, including the Hall Family Foundation, the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, and Women Corporate Directors. Ms. Lawrence is a graduate of Vassar College, where she received her Bachelor of Arts in psychology. She also received a Master of Architecture from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Master in Business Administration from Harvard Business School.

“I am thrilled to join Sera’s board and work on its strategy to provide actionable information and improve the opportunity for better short- and long-term quality of life for babies,” said Sandra A. J. Lawrence. “It is exciting for me to help Sera produce innovative and comprehensive solutions for pregnant women, designed to benefit women and babies across all communities and segments of societies, here in the United States and abroad.”

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